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I specialize in User Interfaces and User Experience. I analyze the experience of using the product, develop prototypes of the site pages, and then visualize the design. I develop adaptive site design, mobile application design and game interface design, draw icons and logos. I work freelance for 11 years and this is my main job.


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Adaptive Design


I'm developing an interactive adaptive One Page, Landing Page and Promo Page. And adaptive design for all devices. As an example, you can see my site.

Web Design


Web design it's not just a picture. The web design should take into account the behavior of the user interface usability, the specifics of the business which is being developed under a design that sell Triggers that will help make this business. In-depth analysis, and then audited competitors, then the User Story is written, then the sketch is drawn by hand, and then developed a prototype
of an interactive and only if the design is drawn using different grids.

Mobile Design


Knowledge and understanding of the guideline of mobile devices, allow me to draw a design for IOS, Android, WindowsPhone.



Developing prototypes of websites and mobile applications. Interactive prototypes in Axure.

Icons Design


I love to paint icons in the flat and linear style icons. All icons I draw in Illustrator.

Logo Design


When I develop a design is sometimes necessary to draw a logo. Logos I draw in Illustrator.

Photo Manipulation


If you need a creative solution, then Photo Manipulations perfect solution. With Photoshop I have been friends for more than 8 years.

I just never lost and is always available online. You can communicate with me using E-mail, Skype, Viber or call me.

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